A b o u t

Jonathan Aaron Baudhuin, M.D., B.A.

J. Aaron Baudhuin is an American human who has been living in Germany for 28 years. Originating from a family of artists and born and raised on the shores of the Mississippi, he began painting with oil in his early teens, first with representational landscapes (with the TV guidance of William Alexander) and then with formally abstract ones.

In 2014, he found the spark again that formed the flame that rekindled his heartfelt interest in abstract art. In part he had been inspired by the informal art of Bernard Schultze, a representative of the 20th century German „quadriga“ from Cologne.

Aaron paints with the goal „to paint“ – and not „to paint something“ – freely and spontaneously. Painting is not done to please, to pretty, to repeat, or improve on the past.

The freedom to accept and tolerate the uncertain, which includes refraining from control by means of ability, skill or intent, and accept what happens is where conception and birth can coincide.